Fell sexual arousal with objects, body parts or non sex related things; the fetish escort is for you…

In the deepest corners of human thoughts and preferences related to sexual arousal, almost anything may be translated by the mind as a sexual stimulus. Fetish are objects and preferences that in regular context do not represent something sexual, but for someone results to be sexually stimulating.

If you want to know how many fetish are there?

I just concluded that anything real or imaginary can be a fetish for a person. Having this clear, even there are pretty specific and uncommon fetishes, according to some researchers they have found frequent fetish in the worlds’ population. Some of these are: Body parts, there are some related to feet, nose, breasts and buttocks. Objects, there are some, who find pleasure in shoes, heels, lingerie, latex, leather, looking at mirrors while performing sexual activities; Hair, this fetish is related to the hair color, the length or even with baldness. For some the hair sensation over the body is pleasant. For some others blonde, red-haired, or burnets to sexual encounters are what they want.

The age, the size or the height may be object of sexual arousal too. Young men and women and elderly partners are also wanted to fulfill fantasies. People extremely high or extremely short are part of their sexual dreams.  

Some others may find sexual stimulation in clowns; balloons; tickles; body art, as tattoos or piercings; the fetish for pictures or videos of people having sex, exist too, and it is called pictophilia. Some similar conducts are the voyeurism and exhibitionism tendencies. In the first, the person wants to spy others, this gives them sexual arousal. In the second, the person enjoys showing him or herself in public.

When you arrive into the BDSM spectrum you can find sadism, in which the person may want to cause physical or psychological pain. And on the other extreme there may be masochism, here the person is attracted to physical or psychological pain experiences. Many mistress and fetish escorts are professional in these areas.

There are mistress specialized in fetish, their body and their hair are part of their look for the clients who are focused on physical appearance. At the same time, the BDSM techniques are an important part of the services they offer.

Some people talked about their experiences with the fetish escort services.  Their names has been changed for their privacy, here is what they told:

Tom-“I really enjoy body art, each time I see a tattooed person I feel an urge to touch it. I think this may be related to an ex-girlfriend. She had tattoos in several parts of her body, and she gave me the best sex I have ever had. When we were in bed together, I used to caress her tattoos and some of them had texture on the skin. Every time a see a tattooed girl, I wanted to touch her. Don’t misunderstand me I know this is not common, and I stop myself from doing it, but as this need remained in me, I went online and did a small search. There I found many fetish escort girls with tattoos on them. When I contact Jane (this is not her real name either) she pleased this fantasy I had, and some others that I reserve for myself”

Antony- “what I secretly like is water sports, but some girls may find it unpleasant and weird, so I definitely avoid sharing this part with other girls. Ann was the answer to my needs. I contacted her by text message. In our session she gave me a golden shower, this is something I will never forget. She perfectly understood what I liked, and made feel comfortable with the session. I am looking forward to meet her again”

William- “A girlfriend may not understand I like to be a submissive. In our society, men have to be the boss. They always have to be the dominant, the one who takes the lead, and I have to be exactly that on my job and in the fulfillment of my male role in society. But in private, that is not me, that is not what turns me on. Miss Wonder, the fetish escort I met on a club, performed what I like and what I was aiming to feel.  I told her what I wanted, and she did it. Some bondage, spanking, tickling and servitude, were on the menu. For me this is a highly recommended practice for those who want to live and explore themselves and the aspects that hide from others”

There is not only the client’s perspective; the fetish professionals shared their opinion too.

Miss delight- “in the fetish escort service, as a professional, I have to be very open minded. I know that when a client comes to me is because they really feel I am the one who can help them accomplish their deepest thoughts and fantasies. There are some uncommon requests, but my main goal is to please them and make them feel comfortable, in a judgment free environment. Are there special request? yes, there are but we both talked about it, and if I feel comfortable I do it. ”

Lady spanking- “I am a mistress specialized in dominant roles. My clients are mostly submissive that enjoy discipline and masochism. If you are thinking on bondage, cock and balls torture, spanking, caning, flogging, trampling or any other physical punishment, I am the one you have to call. Some of my clients contact me because I am blonde and busty, sounds familiar? Haha! Men enjoy seeing, so I offer them a nice view and the domination and punishment they are looking for”

Some people may have various fantasies they want to live, so the fetish escorts show on their web pages profile what services they offer. Feel free to search and find the best that suits your needs. Follow the protocol to live a new amazing experience.